Is losing 20 lbs really my priority???

by K

I went away for the weekend and came back 5 lbs heavier. In just 3 days! I weighed 142.9 lbs on Friday morning… and 147.9 lbs on Monday morning.

And between Monday and Tuesday morning I lost 3.6 lbs (on Tuesday I was down to 144.3 lbs). Obviously, most of what I gained was water. So what happened? Well, on the weekend I ate a bunch of wheat (I had blood taken for allergy testing T morning and wanted to be sure that if I react to wheat/gluten that it would show up). I also ate a bunch of sugar.

Anyways, I find myself at a crossroad, trying to figure out if enjoying delicious food, or losing the weight, or just gaining exceptional health and vitality really my goal. And I really can’t decide. I think that if I was forced into a corner, I would have to pick exceptional health and vitality. But delicious food is so important to me and my enjoyment of life. What I really need to do is figure out which delicious foods fuel make me feel exceptionally healthy and full of vitality. And what I can enjoy (and in what quantity – I really need to learn how to be satisfied with less) while still reaching my goal weight of 125 lbs.

Step #1: The allergy testing and meeting with a naturopath to develop an eating plan.

It’s fall, so the days are getting shorter and darker (stupid, yucky clouds and rain 😦 ). And I am craving comfort more and more. I’m going through a period of transition at work, so I’m somewhat stressed about that. I don’t particularly like work to begin with, so it’s hard to get excited about getting up and going. I’m feeling very unappreciated (by everyone – friends, family, work…). I’m not happy with my life right now – I don’t get to spend the time doing the things I want to… instead I go to work and sit on the couch like a blob. I’m feeling puffy and frumpy. Here I am dumping all my insecurities out into the world. Maybe ranting about them is better than comforting myself with food (which of course isn’t something I want to be doing so it actually makes me feel worse about myself…).

Step #2: Chill out. Go do something fun and relaxing. Right now.