Occupy WHAT?!?

by K

Do the people involved in the “Occupy _____” movement have any idea what they are really protesting? Somehow, I don’t think so.

We have the standard of living that we do precisely because of capitalism. Here’s the deal with capitalism: “they” wouldn’t get rich if “we” didn’t pay for the product or service they offer. If someone become a corporate giant, it’s because they are able to do something faster or better than anyone else. So why shouldn’t they make money?

The only real monopolies out there… are the governments. You see, there is nothing FORCING you to purchase a product or service from a corporation. But you HAVE to pay for government services, WHETHER YOU WANT THEM OR NOT.

So shouldn’t we be protesting governments instead?

Any “redistribution of wealth” scheme is really a “let’s reward the weak and lazy” scheme. There is absolutely no incentive to rise above the lowest common denominator.

Now, I avoided the protests, but I wonder just how many of the protesters are wearing name-brand clothing… or using an iPhone… or drinking Starbucks…