why, Why, WHY!!!

by K

WHY do I do it to myself?!? WHY can’t I commit to something so simple as eating right??? What the FUCK is wrong with me?


Ok. Deep breath. Calm Down.

I’ve been really tired for the last few days, not being able to sleep… then going through the day like a zombie, all hopped up on caffeine. Not exactly my ideal state. Yesterday morning I tried to work out, but just couldn’t do it. I could do barely half my normal amount of reps, and I only managed on set. Not good. And the day started out great, diet wise, but went downhill from there…

First, I indulged in a bottled green smoothie (yes, it’s 100% fruit and veggies, but it’s still a massive sugar infusion).

Then I stopped at the liquor store on my way home for a wine tasting. 5 different Amarones, all delicious, but one in particular stood out: Campo Dei Gigli Amarone ($89.99). Of course, the wines were accompanied by parmesan, proscuitto, and a few hors d’oeuvre. There was duck on a toast (I skipped the toast), fig on a gorgonzola biscuit, and beef on a potato cake. Yum.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, after dinner I went out for a movie and while waiting for it to start, I indulged in a macchiato and an amaretti cookie… and had a bunch of popcorn during the movie. At least the popcorn was popped in coconut oil instead of omega-6 laden, rancid vegetable oil.

Yesterday is over. I can’t do anything about it any more. But I know that I feel like crap when I eat crap… or when I break my resolutions, I feel like crap.

Today, I get to enjoy thanksgiving.

Tomorrow, I renew my healthy eating plan. Meat. Vegetables. Butter. Maybe a drizzle of olive oil on a salad. I realize that I need to spend some time staying completely away from carbs to break the carb cycle. I know that the omega-6 fats in nuts and vegetable oils can cause inflammation, but I just discovered that the inflammation they cause can cause both congestion and inflammation of the gut (bloating).