Weight Loss Update: One Week In

by K

This morning, the scale read 134.8 lbs, 0.4 lbs shy of my one week target.

Uh Oh.

That means that I will need to lose a full two pounds over the next week to get back on track… And Thanksgiving is this weekend. Deep breath. I can do it.

This past week was a bit of a strange week. Monday night my neck went into spasm… so my plans to work out flew out the window and were replaced with physio appointments and as little movement as possible for a few days. Wednesday was my birthday, so I celebrated with wine and cheese and charcuterie. Saturday was a day of unplanned goodies. On Sunday I went out for my birthday dinner, enjoyed a few glasses of wine and a wonderful 3 course dinner (including dessert!). And yesterday was a bitch of a day, that I capped off with a scotch and soda.

But hey, I still lost 1.2 lbs!

But I can work out again. And I have absolutely no intention of indulging on any day except an pre-planned indulgence day. Which is Saturday. Turkey day. My day to enjoy some wine and cheese. And dessert. Maybe. If I can find (or get around to baking) something sweetened with honey or maple syrup or coconut sugar. Dammit, not eating sugar makes it hard to figure out dessert.