I was a BAD Girl…

by K

I deserve a spanking…

This weekend I ate grains and cheese on a non-indulgance day… a chocolate bar… plus both deep-fried vegetable chips AND desert with my birthday dinner. So much for my intention of eating only meat and vegetables (with a bit of fruit and nuts).

I forgive myself though.

The grains on Saturday was due to my excitement of finding a local gluten-free bakery (My Goodness!) I indulges in s piece of cornbread, and a bun for my burger that evening… The first burger in a bun that I’ve had in about 2 years… The corn bread (and the cookies that my boyfriend got) was great. I realized though that I don’t really miss buns with my burgers though. The cheese was simply because I walked past the local cheese shop (Benton Brothers, amazing shop btw) and decided that my burger would taste better if I turned it into a blue cheese burger. It was.

The chocolate bar I have no excuse for.

Tonight my boyfriend and I went out for my birthday dinner. We were supposed to go out last weekend (before I started my healthy and weight loss diet) but things came up and we couldn’t. So my birthday dinner got postponed. Anyways, We’d already planned on going out to this great little latin restaurant (Baru) and I already knew what I wanted to eat. So I indulged. For starters, we shared the latin chips (yams, cassava and plantains served with three different salsas) and I enjoyed a champagnito (think a mojito made with champagne instead of rum and soda). Absolutely delicious. My main course was steak served with potatoes, beets and a smoky corn salsa and savoured with a glass (or rather two) of red wine. And what is a birthday dinner without dessert? We shared a mango creme brule and a glass of ice wine… Yum. A thoroughly enjoyable and wonderful birthday dinner.