by K

Minimalism is about prioritizing and simplifying your life. It’s about getting rid of all the extraneous “clutter” to make room for your passions. It’s a lifestyle and philosophy that goes far deeper than the number of possessions you own.

Really, does it matter if you have a 10 item wardrobe if you waste your time doing shit you hate?

I’ve flirted with minimalism since my early teens. I’ve always been attracted to minimalist decorating schemes. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe or living with 100 possessions. I HATE clutter; it makes me feel weighed down and depressed. Beautiful, empty spaces make me feel light and free and full of potential. But somehow, I attract clutter (especially paper clutter). I get attached to things and find it hard to let them go.

Recently, I’ve started exploring the deeper, more philosophical side of minimalism. I’ve started looking at minimalism as a lifestyle choice: getting rid of the mental and emotional clutter as well as the physical. So naturally, being me, I’ve done lots of reading about minimalism in the last little while. I’ve found a few great posts, but one in particular stands out: Danielle LaPorte wrote this amazing post about energy leaks on her blog, White Hot Truth.

Becoming a minimalist will be a process. But each piece of (physical, mental or emotional) clutter I eliminate will make room for something beautiful and wonderful to come into my life.