Eating Right

by K

My gift to myself for my 29th birthday is a commitment to health. Since nutrition is the foundation of health, I am starting by eating right.

Effective immediately, the bulk of my diet will come from organic (pastured) meat, fish, poultry, eggs and organic vegetables. Why organic? Because I don’t think that we can be doing ourselves, or our planet any good by spraying poisons on the food we eat. Besides, there is quite a bit of cancer in my family, and I’m convinced that there is a link between environmental toxins and cancer rates.

I will enjoy small amounts of raw nuts and fruits on a regular basis (think condiments). I know they both contain lots of things that are good for you… but I find it really easy to eat too many nuts (and therefore get too much omega-6 in my diet… not to mention the calories). And fruit is fairly high carbohydrates, especially fructose. Of all the types of sugar out there, fructose seems to be the most dangerous.

For fats, I will get the natural fat from my organic, pastured meats (high in omega-3’s!), avocados, olives, and nuts that I eat. I will use organic butter and coconut oil for cooking, and olive oil for my salad dressings.

And because everyone needs a treat once in a while, I will occasionally indulge in reasonable amounts of wine (especially red wine), artisan cheese (preferably made with raw, organic milk), greek yogurt (ditto), dark chocolate (organic and fair trade), gluten-free grains (such as quinoa, rice and buckwheat), and homemade baked goods sweetened with honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar.

I will no longer eat: anything made with vegetable oils, sugar and other sweeteners (except those listed above), and anything containing gluten.